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The Londonacupunk candle range was born out of my passion for essential oils. Having over 25 years clinical experience as an aromatherapist my passion for essential oils remains today, perhaps more so. Essential oils have powerful healing properties both physiologically and psychologically. Smell plays such an important role in our lives, evoking memories and feelings of past and present experiences. The Londonacupunk candle range has been created to enhance your wellbeing, especially for the times we are in. Spending more time at home is a reality for many people right now. It's important to create a self-care routine that will enhance your wellbeing. Having "me time" or "time out" can help relieve the pressures of modern-day living.


Create a routine at home where you can relax without interruption with a Londonacupunk candle, it could be a hot bath, meditation, mindfulness or listening to some relaxing music.

Have a browse and explore the blends, if you have any suggestions for new blends please let me know. You can follow Londonacupunk on Instagram and facebook to keep up to date.

Thank you