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“The sense of smell can be extraordinaryily evocative, bringing back pictures as sharp as photographs of scenes that had left
the conscious mind"

-Thalassa Cruso 

The Londonacupunk candle range was born out of my passion for essential oils. Having over 25 years of clinical experience as an aromatherapist, my passion for essential oils remains today, perhaps more so. Essential oils have powerful healing properties both physiologically and psychologically. Smell plays such an important role in our lives, evoking memories and feelings of past and present experiences. The Londonacupunk candle range has been created to enhance your wellbeing, especially for the times we are in. Spending more time at home is a reality for many people right now. It's important to create a self-care routine that will enhance your well-being. Having "me time" or "time out" can help relieve the pressures of modern-day living.

Self-care is any action or behaviour that helps us avoid health problems. Stress is a key factor in causing health problems.

While stress can help us rise up to meet challenges in life, its long-term effects can increase the risk of stress-related illness. The negative effects of stress can damage your health, mood and quality of life. Creating time for yourself can help combat these negative effects of stress.


Create a routine at home where you can relax without interruption with a Londonacupunk candle, it could be a hot bath, meditation, mindfulness or listening to some relaxing music.

I hope you find a blend that resonates with you, if you have any suggestions for new blends please let me know.

Thank you


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